Permanent vacation

Thursday 13 Jan 2011

Holiday home becomes permanent residence for Pacific Environments' client

The original family summer cottage relocated to next door made way for a special new campsite - conceptual ‘tents', formed as connected pavilions. Inspired by; and embodying intergenerational memories - the essence of long summer holidays, activities, collections, connections and stories. Recognising the past, living the present, embracing the promise of dreams.

An exposed, sensitive, rural coastal environment; positioned on a prominent coastal peninsular with spectacular views complimenting the adjacent (and recently completed) Guesthouse and Boatshed, in a rural New Zealand vernacular.

A family retreat, created to both experience (and be protected from) the elements and nature, providing a sustainable fulfilling lifestyle, and maximising sea-views. The pavilions are linked, forming a protective backing to the central space - the ‘campsite heart' - as a gathering space, providing comfort, protection and connection with the land and activities.

The main pavilion invites relaxation and nourishment, raised to acquaint with the coastal islands. Protective sleeping pavilion being adaptable for experiencing the ambience of the campsite and outlook; or being closed off for privacy - restful and sensual.

Aotearoa, 'the land of the long white cloud' is reflected in horizontal roof forms gently lifting in flight, lightly skimming the land, masts tensioning the wings. Sliding glass doors enhance the spaces for opening up, experiencing, connecting. There's no holding back, just feeling what is - sea breezes, reflections and sea-change personalities, moonlight and sun; whilst being secure from storms.

Polished concrete aggregates, texture and patterning - contrasting, solidity and enduring. Neutral interiors provide an inviting backdrop, native timbers salvaged from the seashore, eclectic collections personalising and connecting to the heart. Splashes of red - from New Zealand's native pacific pohutukawa tree - represents the Christmas flower of joy and celebration, a client favourite.

At one with Mother Nature, utilising her energies for cooling, heating, utilising solar hot-water, rainwater-recycling - for nourishing, refreshing, honouring the earth. Originally briefed as a weekend retreat, the energy of the home has enticed the owners to move in permanently.

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New Zealand

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