Expanding the parameters

Thursday 13 Jan 2011

Angular new expansion of Victorian residence frames external geometric space

The ground floor extension and refurbishment of this Victorian end-of-terrace house was inspired by the existing geometry of the house and garden. The client identified unlocking the divisional nature of the Victorian layout as a critical part of the brief. The new black zinc extension unfolds itself across the rear of the property unifying the principle entertaining spaces and unlocking framed views of the triangular garden beyond.

The use of folded paper models were used to extrapolate existing site geometries. This was continued into the hand crafted VM Zinc cladding and internal linings. The impression formed by the extension is one of a tailored garment turned inside out to reveal a complex structure of pleated seams.

From a distance, the structure reads as a strong geometric form that has grown out from the back of the house. At closer quarters the extension softens as the delicate palette of the interior comes into focus; the white ash floorboards and white facets of the ceiling form a bright lining to the dark outershell. The open-plan space is defined by discreet level changes and a long work bench clad in mitred Assaluto Nero granite. A step down into the kitchen allows this bench to form both a counter top and cantilevered table.

Large areas of both vertical glazing and triangular roof lights pierce the zinc, allowing selective views out. Two zinc doors (the larger weighing 300kg) lead to Assaluto Nero granite terraces. The simple gesture of opening these doors dramatically changes the space: from a cocoon to a garden pavilion.

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United Kingdom

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