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Monday 10 Jan 2011

Genius Loci completes a 'cubist house' in Jakarta

This residence is situated within a small residential complex in Jakarta. In this development, privacy was a key ingredient. From the point of entry to the approach into the house is seamless design with privacy in mind, whist at the same time allowing a good mix of both natural lighting and cross ventilation. The approach to re-cluster the massing of what was thought to be a typical bunglow plot have evolved new ideas of architecture. Exciting interlocking forms adorn the façade with subtle styles, but these are crucial in the formation of the internal spaces.

The main living space was elevated to improve views, avoiding the direct view of the traffic along the slip roads to the estate. With the main spaces elevated to a new plane, the edgeless pool thus became the main focal point, towards which the building gravitates. A luscious tropical landscape envelopes the pool sides. A half-century old tree was called in and planted to complete the experience.

Each interlocking space creates a new realm of experiences. Taking advantage of the tropical climate, light / air wells and gardens were integrated, capitalising fully on the location of the house. To complete the building's identity, a unique patterned-metal sun screen plotted along sun’s path allows proper solar rejection. The inspiration was drawn from the basic forms of DNA codes, which were translated into a graphic form, completing the project's image of playfulness.

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