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New Japense home centred around the kitchen offers flexibility and functionality

by James 28 December 2010
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    House O is a house for a couple expecting children, located in the countryside with an hour bullet train ride to the metropolitan. Its flat, 3,000 sq m premise surrounded by a forest on the south-east side, and a cultivated field on its west-north side are abundance in sceneries including the beautiful vista of mountains. The house is designed to respond to the premise with variety of views and sceneries. The volumes and roofs of the house are also changeful according to the angle; they are almost reminiscence of the surrounding landscape.

    Mrs. O will spend most of the day in the 'Kitchen Centre' - literally in the centre of the house with two layered voids. Encompassing volumes are named from space A to space I. The layout of each space is in a sequence of functions, in accordance with the needs and usages of the residents, and transforms from public areas, such as the entrance, and more private areas such as bedroom as you walk towards the back. And the centre of all space, the 'Kitchen Centre' functions as the control centre of the house where one can see every space.

    The glass and wide aperture of the 'Kitchen Centre' offers diverse views and creates interactive linkage with other spaces, both visually and functionally. Furthermore, by making the borders of these spaces more flexible, with sliding doors in this case, the space expands, contracts, or even transforms in accordance with the usage and how time is spent in the house, not only for now but also over time.


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