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New home in the Hudson River Valley by II00: ARCHITECT

by James 23 December 2010
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    The design of this new 3-storey 6,000 sq ft single family home, situated on a sloping site in the Hudson River Valley, was guided by its immediate surroundings. The clients desired a house that would take advantage of the distinct views and be open to a number of interesting perspectives. The form of the house drew inspiration from the idea of rock split open and hinged. Its shifting volumes allow for terraced areas that present stunning vistas of the surrounding property.

    The river side of the home has large sliding glass doors and panorama windows, while the other sides face the forest surrounding the property. The gray tones of local schist stone provided the color palette for the façade, composed of interlocking panels. The clients’ enthusiasm for entertaining drove an open plan for the house. With a vertical connection between the first and second floors, and the kitchen set against two exterior walls, the hosts are never separated from the dining and living spaces. An important component of the design was creating a home that would be friendly to all seasons; sliding glass doors and an interior atrium in the main living space increase airflow throughout the house, while solid exterior walls punctured by windows promote a cozy feeling in colder months.

    In addition, the house incorporates green features throughout. The Swisspearl rain screen cladding prevents water absorption, and ventilation is strategically positioned to help moisture evaporate. Heating and cooling is provided by a geothermal heat pump system with closed loop ground wells. This modern home overlooking the Hudson River is a technically advanced building, employing some of the most contemporary design elements and ideas, while acknowledging and appreciating the nature of its site in every element.

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