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Stefan Vittori
Thursday 23 Dec 2010

E. Kevin Schopfer suggests light alternative to Haiti's urban development crisis

Boston architect/designer E. Kevin Schopfer collaborated with Tangram 3DS to visualise his design proposal to build a floating agricultural / light industrial city off the shores of Haiti. For purposes of definition, the ‘community’ has been named Harvest City. Harvest City is envisioned as a vibrant fully functioning city of 30,000 residents which embraces three major concepts:

1. The creation of an artificial, floating, productive and livable land desperately needed for Haiti.

2. A city designed based on the principle of Arcology (Architecture and Ecology) which embodies an ecologically sustainable and practical urban platform.

3. That Harvest City should be established as a 'Charter City'. Charter City is a relatively new and advanced economic model specifically developed for struggling nations.

Harvest City is envisioned as a 2 mile diameter complex of tethered floating modules. The overall design is divided into four zones or communities interconnected by a linear canal system. The four major canals will focus on built neighbourhoods consisting of four story housing complexes. The outer perimeter of the design is predominately 'one acre' crop circles with secondary feeder canals whilst the inner 'harbour' will house the city centre with schools, administrative facilities, community activities and general marketplace. The entire complex will float and be cable-secured to the sea bed.

Because of its low profile, low draft dead weight capacity and perimeter wave attenuators, the designer suggests that hurricanes and typhoon will have little effect other than collection of much needed water harvesting. A breakwater will be constructed to add to the city’s stability. (It should be noted, this proposal suggests using all the concrete rubble debris from the earthquake as the breakwater filler.) The system of floating platforms allows for a masterplan to grow and link to other future cities within the harbour.


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