Cool on the hill

Dutch firm 123DV architecture completes new home in Vroondaal

by James 21 December 2010 Interior
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    The presence of a hill on the property resulted in living accommodations that are for the most part situated in an elevated volume: a three-level rectangular block that accommodates a living area, a kitchen and a bedroom. Fitting all of these functions into a rectangular volume required different floor levels. The carport created beneath the volume provides both a dry outdoor space to get in and out of the car and room to turn the car without having to reverse it.

    Partly resting on the hill, the entire superstructure is supported by two expressive round steel columns. The substructure contains the entrance, a spare room with its own shower and a hobby room. Incidental daylight subtly lights it from the top. Various sight lines are created inside the house: climbing the stairs means walking towards the light and once upstairs, the eye is drawn towards the panoramic view. Due to the raised floor and the high parapet, the large panorama windows in the living area do not impede privacy. The centrepiece in the living area is an elegant fireplace.

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