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Tuesday 21 Dec 2010

Brick Wall House reflects residences on one side and an apartment block on the other

The location of this residence is highly exceptional: flanked by small-scale detached semi-classical houses with gabled roofs on one side, a large apartment block planned on the other. The client wanted his dwelling to provide maximum privacy. The house represents the transition between these two worlds: the facade facing the apartment block is a 16 by 9 metre abstract closed wall with the exception of a protruding stairwell that offers an intriguing view along the facade; the other side of the building consists of an informal stacking of rectangular volumes.

The storeys are recognisable in the neighbouring residence. The house, entirely built of brick, blends in with its surroundings. It is a lively type of brick, in a sleek bond with emphatically horizontal joints. The contrasting interior was kept as austere and clean as possible and features flawlessly plastered white surfaces. Kitchen, cupboards and built-in appliances are completely white as well. The dining table with a draw-leaf was specially designed for this house.

Key Facts:

Interior Residential

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