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    123DV raise the bar with innovative new Media Plaza

    The slogan of Media Plaza 'innovation leads to inspiration' is reflected in the design. We envisioned an environment that stimulates creativity and where people can create their own atmosphere for meetings and presentations.

    Materials and colours are chosen based on the theme 'fire and ice', with the foyer designed in intense colours like black, red and orange. To intensify the experience, materials were chosen that appear hard but feel soft. The walls are clad in orange Skai leather, the floor has a black rubber finish and the glass doors leading to the main conference room are covered with foil, which makes them change colour when passing by. The oval wall enclosing the main conference room is designed as a huge chandelier. The surface of the wall is clad in 7000 stainless steel tiles equipped with RGB LED light strips. In contrast with the foyer, the conference and session rooms are designed in white and aluminum.

    The large conference room, called Polar, is equipped with a transparent roof, made of ETFE air cushions, and retractable screens. The appearance of the room can easily change from a dimmed presentation room into a space filled with daylight. Inspired by ancient amphitheatres, it’s possible to have meetings under the 'open sky'. A central multi projection and camera unit allows interactive projections on all four walls. Different presentation layouts are possible like a podium, multi presentation or catwalk layout. The session rooms, which have names like Neon, Solar and Laser, are equipped with a span ceiling that contains RGB lighting. Because the interior of the session rooms are completely white, the entire space changes to the chosen colour. Because the lighting can adapt any colour, customers can create their own ambiance or 'corporate coloured' environment.

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