16 storeys, 136 hours

Monday 06 Dec 2010

Broad Sustainable Building construct a 16 storey hotel in less than 6 days

Construction workers in China have erected a hotel in Hunan province in just under 136 hours, putting lengthy contractors the world over to shame. Using largely pre-fabricated parts, developer Broad Sustainable Building managed to complete the scarlet New Ark Hotel in only five days and 16 hours.

Allegedly the building is sound proof, thermal insulted and able to withstand a magnitude nine earthquake, with no injuries reported throughout the entire construction process. The YouTube film below clearly demonstrates the speed kept up by workers onsite, who continued until 10pm each night until completion.

The media attention surrounding the speedy build has not all been glowing, with a blogger at allvoices.com attacking its ‘show-off-y efficiency’ and centurychina.com joking ‘it's easy to imagine the disorientation of Changsha residents who'd gone away, or who just hadn't recently ventured into the downtown neighborhood of the new Ark Hotel: "Honey, I don't remember a hotel there, do you?"’

A step in the right direction maybe, but would you stay there…?

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