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Tuesday 09 Nov 2010

Focus on performance and aesthetics for new 439m high-rise tower in Tianjin

Commissioned by developer Guangzhou R&F Properties Co. Ltd to design a 294,570 sq m, mixed use facility in Tianjin, China, Chicago-based architecture practice Goettsch Partners now present the first renderings of this glittering high-rise tower. Once completed, the Tianjin R&F Guangdong Tower will stand at 439 m in height, making it one of the tallest buildings in China.

The immense tower comprises 134,000 sq m of Class A office space, a 400-key five star hotel, 55 condominiums and 8,500 sq m of retail facilities, structured around a swirling central core. In a reflection of the location’s history as a point of sea trade, ‘the tower unwraps around its vertical axis as it ascends, similar in nature to a shell or ancient scroll’. This approach provides ideal access for multi-floor tenants with various open social meeting points encouraging close communication and collaboration.

High performance glass and metal has been incorporated into the outer shell of the building, with floor-to-ceiling glass panes affording maximum natural daylighting and panoramic views. Goettsch Partners explain: “The design promotes material and façade approaches that are integral to the performance of the building systems, not decorative.”

Internal circulation has been simplified as much as possible, with vehicular circulation divided by function on entrance to the tower whilst pedestrians entering the building via the building’s north side through the landscaped plaza are immediately separated into primary building programmes for clear wayfinding. A simple network of 55 lifts swiftly deposit visitors at their desired locations.

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