Samy Mansour
Monday 08 Nov 2010

Barbootel Ahoi in Belgium.

Moored at the Buda Island on the Leie, which is situated in Heandelskaai the trading Quay of downtown Kortrijk, is a tiny hotel created in a converted boat. A dynamic city of about 80.000 inhabitants, Kortrijk lies in the Belgian Province of West Flanders.

Barbootel Ahoi has been converted into an unusual hotel and cafeteria serving drinks and snacks to attract the young creative clientele in the area.

For BURO Interiors what started as a social and environmentally friendly project to transform an aging craft and create local employment, resulted in a 10-room concept with a unique purpose and contemporary feel.

Access to the boat is by two permanent pedestrian bridges. A glass box has been placed on the deck to serve as a reception area, breakfast room and small cafeteria.

Sanitary facilities for the cafeteria are housed in the cabin. The ceiling is made of a green deck that also serves as a heat and cold buffer; there is also a very pleasant summer patio with a tent providing shade on the deck.

The technical installations are located in the extensive machine rooms with office space behind it for the boat manager.

Nine double rooms have been built in the hold; 4 people can spend the night in the bow.



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