Fading out the CBD

TWS & Partners visualise Balinese identity, whilst diffusing the metropolitan city of Jakarta

by Elena 08 November 2010
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    This project is a small scale mixed use building, located within the heart of Jakarta with a main function of housing the famous Bebek Bengil restaurant from Ubud, Bali.

    The location itself is envisioned as a transition between low rise heritage residences and the high rise commercial business district. In response to this brief, TWS & Partners came to the decision to create a five storey building to bridge the transition of urban skyline so as to act as a sympathetic way to present the commercial design within a heritage area.

    The design features a courtyard which acts as an urban oasis, a design typical to the Balinese tropical landscape . This is a place where people can recall the memory of origins of the Bebek Bengil restaurant in the outdoor dining area and landscape features. Most dining experiences in the design revolve around the central communal courtyard.


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