A Modern take on traditional architecture

Samy Mansour
Monday 08 Nov 2010

True to traditional Islamic architecture methods, AGI create a building which plays on the use of light and colour.

The concept of the Haj House Complex in Lucknow attempts to connect the stems of some of the main features in Islamic traditional architecture.

AGi utilised components such as providing shade to people approaching the complex and incorporating the iwans of Persian architecture. The effect of the light filtering through the holes in the domes of mosques and bazaars were applied to the main lobby plaza. As well as AGi's take on traditional Persian techniques of light and shade they have also included some of the familiar landscaping features surrounding the Taj Mahal and bring them into the design.

The design is not only one which caters to those coming to study, but one that is open and accessible to the general public, providing cultural and leisure amenities, administrative towers and accommodation, as well as an educational building open to anyone interested in the teachings of Islam.
All in all the building embodies aspects of Islamic culture and becomes a building which is composed of a well endowed palette of colours and play on light and shade.

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