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08 Nov 2010

FIBandCO’s innovative new ‘wood’ solution composed from used banana plants

FIBandCO, a young and innovative company in the heart of Martinique, have just launched a new range of quality decorative veneer sheets created from disused banana trunk fibres. Available in four 100 per cent natural colours, the product - GREEN BLADE - can be formed in a range of thicknesses for varying needs, from 0.1mm to 0.35mm.

Bananas one of the main exports of the West-Indian plantations, and as each banana plant has a life cycle of only nine months, the harvested body of the plant is left to rot. FIBandCO reuse these ‘cast offs', transforming them into a top-of-the-range interior design product, appropriate for furnishing, fittings, decoration and architectural industries.

Due to the central location of the energy producing factory, the carbon footprint of the business is kept to an absolute minimum whilst the transformation process does not require the use of any chemical components to create the four natural colourations of the GREEN BLADE range. Not only this, but the recycling of banana stems means this new ‘wood' solution does not contribute to the ongoing issue of mass deforestation.

Despite the youth of the FIBandCO brand, the product is already a hit with multiple designers, one encasing a translucent version of the GREEN BLADE product in a glass stairway system whilst another incorporates a thicker alternative into a new parquet range.

The product also brings new solutions to veneer applications. Thanks to its flexibility it can be used in all directions of the fibre (even against the grain), which means that architects and designers have no need to find solutions for where veneer meets at joints. A kitchen door for example, can be covered in one sheet of GREEN BLADE, in one application.

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