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Saturday 06 Nov 2010

Dubarch completes new office building in Dubai designed to break the mould of the bulky, inefficient office block

The architectural concept of the building revolves around the idea of a modern and innovative form. A simple and pure rectilinear form, sliced longitudinally to further reduce the bulk of the volume and introduce the impression of the two sleek and tall towers conforming to the long foot print of the plot. The building is then further delineated by exposing and projecting edges of the floor slab in a staggered pattern to add to the aesthetics of this simple form. The building is enveloped by insulating glass units offering double glazing to achieve the required heat and noise insulation required. The glass colour is carefully selected to match the modern form of the building and offers a stark contrast to the surrounding environment and stands out to be unmistakable landmark building.

This simplicity of form is carried out in every aspect of design. Approaching the building from the street side, the two towers descend to ground and land within a shallow reflective pool of water where a bridge transforms the visitors from the streetscape and welcomes them to the tranquility and simplicity of the edifice. The lobby is a simple serene hall with an impressing high ceiling. The lift lobbies and common areas, all follow the same simple approach and are carefully detailed with a few rich natural materials and accessories to offer simple but intellectual luxury. The building functions are also meant to be straight forward and simple and avoid unnecessary complications. This is evident in both pedestrian and vehicular ease of access to the building. The ground floor parking is dedicated to the visitors and offers a convenient approach to lobbies and retail areas on both sides of the building and to the lift lobbies. The tenants parking are on two basement floors and four upper level podiums serviced by a simple and practical service ramp at each end. The access to the lift lobbies is conveniently possible from every floor.

There are a few lakeside loft offices available and can offer a great live work experience to their VIP tenants. Other facilities of the building include a gym and a restaurant on the top of the building in addition to the promenade and street level cafés and shops which are carefully selected by the property managers to offer every convenience to the tenants in the office above. The building is going to offer the latest in high technology, which is the forte of developer, and offer world class communications and conveniences to its tenants.

The project consist are consist of 2 levels of basement dedicated for the building users, the ground level serves the pedestrian and the retail spaces. There are four podium levels dedicated for office spaces. The podium roof adds parking spaces for the users.

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