Sharp lines, sharp minds

Joseph Lambke
04 Nov 2010

Animate's Theory and Computing Science building to foster scientific breakthroughs

U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory recently opened a world-class interdisciplinary research centre which is dedicated to large-scale computation and builds on Argonne's strengths in high-performance computing software, advanced hardware architectures and applications expertise. Equally important, was designing an environment that encourages people to work together in solving the great scientific, energy, environment and security challenges of our time.

The new Theory and Computing Sciences building, also known as TCS, provides the space and facilities to bring together, for the first time, over 600 researchers across a wide range of computing and scientific disciplines. "Innovation is driven by multiple perspectives to the same problem," said Rick Stevens, Argonne's Associate Laboratory Director for Computing, Environment and Life Sciences, "A major goal of TCS was to create an environment that inspires interdisciplinary science and collaboration."

Unlike any other building on Argonne's sprawling 1,500-acre campus, TCS was specifically designed to be an open and flexible workspace to encourage the free flow of ideas between scientists at Argonne as well as the technology to connect researchers across the globe.  The TCS Building is 7 stories high and encompasses approximately 200,000 sq ft of space, including: 25,000 sq ft computing centre, 18,000 sq ft library, 10,000 sq ft advanced digital laboratory, 7,000 sq ft conference centre, 30 meeting rooms and 3 advance visualisation labs.

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