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Ramboll Denmark & Dissing+Weitling architecture complete Rambolls new offices

by James 31 October 2010
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    Four years of work have resulted in one of Denmarks largest and most dramatic corporate head quarters, the Ramboll Head Offices, RHO. This 40,000 sq m office is now the daily workplace for 1,800 employees, yet every detail has been designed to reflect and underpin Rambolls encompassing vision of innovation, collaboration and knowledge transfer.

    Ramboll requested a new head office that could support a 'one company' understanding. The building should integrate meeting places for formal and informal meetings, and create room for innovation and networking across different fields. Ramboll wanted with the building to communicate a transparent and responsible organisation with a holistic approach.

    Dissing+Weitling has translated this vision in to an architectural concept that draws its inspiration from Barcelona's famous Rambla - the energetic and vibrant main street. The RHO-Rambla unifies the entire building both horizontally and vertically through a series of mezzanine floors and balconies, in effect a massive movement machine that allows staff and visitors to move effortlessly between the eight floors. A generous open stairway lead via semi public spaces and meeting rooms related the central space to the top floor . The Rambla concept makes it surprisingly easy to navigate. The moment the visitor step inside, the building unfolds and reveals its open floors. There is a clear transition from social, common spaces to quiet office pockets. The building even includse a café open to the public.

    The building is engineered with an holistic approach leading to long-term and creative results, reducing CO2 emission and integrating responsible climate friendly solutions. With reduction of energy through optimal daylight solutions, district heating and ground water cooling, reducing cooling needs by up to 85%, the building will have a low consumption of energy. Evaluating Energy, Transport, Water, health and wellbeing, the building archive a rating similar to BREEAM Good.

    The building is a result of an open-minded and creative process between users, engineers, architects, investor and contractor. The compact and movement-driven central space holds a unique quality and is a modern and new response to increasing demands for buildings designed for innovation and corporation. With its walkways and curved balconies bustling with life, the interior challenges the rigour of the seamless 5,000 sq m double-skinned glass façade creating the impression of an open, yet refined piece of architecture.

    This project was completed in a joint venture between Ramboll and Dissing+Weitling


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