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Under the light of the moon

Cuikai Studio designs a 'breathing space' for Tianjin

by James 30 October 2010
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    The project is located in Tanggu, a new urban area near Tianjin. This area features a large-scale Central Business District (CBD) located in a natural bay formed by the Haihe river.The Moon Island project is located at the north of the bay, at the extremity of the urban axis composing the CBD and along the river. This particular location and the multifunctional purpose of the project (retails, restaurants, exhibition center, hotels) makes it one of the key areas of the CBD.

    As the CBD will present a high-density urbanisation, our project aims to be a 'breathing' place. Thus, the 400,000 sq m of the project are spread on the totality of the moon-shape site and are located under a huge green roof in order to minimise the impact on the city skyline.

    The roof slightly and naturally slopes up from the city toward the river, inviting people to have a walk in the roof public park. Under the green roof, the project extends the urban fabric and is designed as the continuation of the city, with 20 blocks located along 9 inner streets, linked together by public squares, creating small-scale city spaces.

    Holes are dug in the roof in order to let natural light come into the inner streets and inside the blocks, and to allow people to move freely from the roof to the inner spaces. Cars park in the basement so that the whole area becomes a pedestrian city space.

    Buildings disappear under the green roof, where a lot of different species will be planted, creating a place for nature to express itself. It becomes a natural landscape in the city that can be seen from the ground floor but also from the highest floors of the office towers.

    This green roof creates natural insulation. Rain water will be collected and re-injected in the general system of the building. Solar panels will be placed on the roof and the electricity created will be directly used for the basement. Geothermic heating system is used for the heating of the building. High-quality ventilation system with integrated carbon filters will be placed in the parking to prevent toxic emission outside.

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