Ferrari World Abu Dhabi opens

Wednesday 27 Oct 2010

World’s largest indoor theme park opens today in Abu Dhabi at 7pm local time

Size is everything in Abu Dhabi as well we know, however at an incredible 700m end-to-end with 176,000 sq m of interior space, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is pushing the boundaries of modern architecture. Designed by international firm Benoy, the ‘centrepiece' of Abu Dhabi's 25 sq km Yas Island is a sprawling scarlet attraction promising ‘the most exhilarating rides' in a family friendly environment.

The three pointed star shape forms the basis of the entertainment centre, with a metal skin roof providing high insulation. At the centre of the tri-form structure this slick roofing system is drawn down into the ground, creating a conical funnel that provides the foundation for the 60m high ‘G-Force Tower'.

This ‘intense' freefall attraction is coupled by the world's fastest roller coaster at speeds in excess of 200kph and the much-anticipated 4D fantasy ride that is ‘Speed of Magic'. Andy Keeling, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Park Manager, explains: "Speed of Magic is possibly the most innovative interpretation of Ferrari in the world."         

Every attempt has been made to fuse the fierce, bold and undeniably iconic flavour of the Ferrari brand with the ambitious playfulness of Abu Dhabi's architectural innovations, resulting in a structure that is not only immense in scale but also manages to put the irrefutable Ferrari stamp on the UAE capital.

Sian Disson
News Editor

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi opens to the public at 7pm on 27th October. Ticket prices: AED 225 (approx. €44) / AED 165 (approx. €32).

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