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Thursday 21 Oct 2010

Radical leaning hotel duo in Copenhagen approaching completion say 3XN

Right now the construction of the Bella Sky hotel in Copenhagen is the largest building site in Denmark, with work well on target for completion in 6 months time. Visually the hotel will be characterised by the two leaning towers, creating a spectacular and unspoiled view over the surrounding green meadows, the sea and the Copenhagen skyline.

The two towers incline 15 degrees - by comparison the leaning tower in Pisa leans at an angle of 3.97 degrees - amounting to a staggering 20m slope difference between the ground and top floor. In order to accommodate such working conditions special fitters were trained to abseil down the building to mount the façade. The unique design creates diversity at almost every floor level and thereby challenges the scopes for conventional construction.

Inside the hotel will accommodate the luxurious feel of a four star hotel with interior inspired by the Scandinavian design tradition. Due to the complex architecture hotel guests will find more than 200 room variants, which contribute to creating an individual, exclusive and warm atmosphere.

Accommodating 814 rooms, 32 conference rooms, 3 restaurants, lounge, a sky bar and an 850 sq m wellness centre the 42,000 sq m hotel will meet the wishes of a much needed extension to the Bella Centre Conference facilities and provide Copenhagen with a unique venue to host large international events in the future. The four star Bella Sky Hotel will open in May 2011.

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