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Shimmering curvilinear facade reactivates vacant storefront in LA

by Jennifer Marmon 12 October 2010 Interior
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    Los Angeles is a highly-stimulated, vibrant city, a condition PAR attempted to address in the design of Restaurant 659. This contemporary take on a traditional storefront highlights the ability of glass to change as lighting conditions vary from day to night.

    During the day, the curvilinear facade functions sculpturally-pedestrians catch glimpses of their own reflections in the glass and are drawn to its unusual curvature. Dramatic Southern California daylight casts a shimmering aura into the restaurant as sunlight bounces from one interior space to the next. The simplicity of the glass form aligns with traditional storefront materials, but provides visual respite from nearby colourful signage and storefront displays.

    At night, the floor-to-ceiling glass facade glows from within. Restaurant guests are viewed by pedestrians in a space that is stripped to the bare essentials. A new one-pour concrete floor and white curving walls washed by continuous recessed lighting envelop spare and ethereal dining areas. Servers move efficiently through the space while visitors lounge on a series of custom-fitted dining furniture made from cast resin, wood, and aluminium. The restaurant features a main dining area, private dining room, dining mezzanine, lounge, bar, two kitchens, a manager's office, and terrace dining.

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