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    Many of the stately houses in the district Oud-Zuid in Amsterdam have been transformed into office spaces. For this reason this Number 23 is a very special house as it has been returned to its original living function.
    The mansion has been carefully renovated, and a series of spatial interferences made resulting in a unique family house of 500m2.
    The client requested ZECC to "connect" different living functions to make this an appealing family home. This resulted in the most significant adjustment to this house; a void over 3 stories.

    The original conservatory and the back façade was broken down to create more space for the void over three floors. This connects the basement, the ground floor and first floor allowing daylight to enter deep into the mansion.

    The new façade on rear is made of large glass plates on which a pattern is sandblasted to represent the original fenestration; a modern façade with a clear reference to the history of the building.

    Over the different layers a new sculptural element is realized, that accommodates different functions: a home cinema and music rehearsal space, a lounge corner, staircases, cupboards and a fireplace. Behind the classical front façade of the mansion lies a very special spatial experience.

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