Landscraper hotel

WOW Architects' sculptured gateway to Bangalore’s International Technology Park

by James 12 October 2010
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    Unlike the palace-like structures conforming to traditional perceptions of hotel experiences in India, the flagship hotel of Taj Palaces, Hotels & Resorts’ brand new Vivanta broke the mould to establish a new hospitality design model in India. In conceptualising the architecture, interior and landscape design of the 200-room luxury business hotel, WOW Architects | Warner Wong Design combined technology and contemporary space within a strong landscape paradigm that enlivens the senses.

    Designed as an extension of the surrounding International Tech Park Bangalore, this communal hub draws young professionals who congregate for business and drinks amidst a buzz suggesting an open and progressive environment. To promote interactions, a ‘landscraper’ strategy expands the spatial experience of the public areas, within requirements for low height and high site coverage in urban design guidelines. A möbius strip which makes full use of every plane was conceptually manipulated from the ground level, forming a podium promenade that interweaves borderless private and public spaces with cinematic qualities alluding to Indian traditional dance forms.

    The structure and façade offer engaging scenery and lighting changes within the rooms. Experiential and visual impact required neither high budgets nor refinement, resounding with Vivanta’s target clientele of younger urbanites appreciative of raw, edgy design over conventional, opulent luxury. Workmanship defects related to the local construction industry’s ability to execute the design with precision were embraced as part of the aesthetic through finishes celebrating imperfection and rusticity: Bush-hammer finishes and embedded ‘flux lines’ enhanced and concealed exposed concrete and joints whilst charging spaces with brand energy.

    Continuing the carbon reduction efforts, the entire material palette was locally sourced. Sustainability emanates poetically from the sculptured form: the landscaped ground plane is a temperature-regulating, rainwater-harvesting green roof and rooftop bar garden offering views of the Tech Park. The glass façade achieves OTTV values and ‘remembers’—displaying a digitised image of the original site landscape which melds the building with the earth’s greens and the sky’s blues.


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