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Thursday 16 Sep 2010

Ambitious Floating Pavilion at Venice Biennale collapses during transportation

After comments from a frustrated WAN viewer (named only as Rita) that the ‘disastrous’ Croatian Floating Pavilion for the Venice Biennale had ‘failed, collapsed [and] ashamed architecture as a discipline’, we went straight to the Commissioner of the Pavilion itself – Leo Modrcin – to uncover whether truth lay in Rita’s fiery claims.

Modrcin explained that: “the structure of the Croatian Pavilion was damaged during the transportation from Croatia to Venice. Tested in its test voyage from Kraljevica to Rijeka/ 10 miles, where it was visited by thousands of people, the structure required additional bracing for longer trips and exposure to sea elements. The recommended removable scaffolding frame was not installed due to time and funding constrains. The lashing of the structure was executed by the towing company but was obviously inadequate.

“The pavilion reached the Venice lagoon but did not moor due to the safety concerns. It was returned to Croatia where the analysis of the structure and procedures are underway as way as the plans for its future. The team of authors has expressed their wish to rebuild the pavilion and return to Venice.”

So there you have it folks – despite the ambitious hopes of the Croatian team, the underlying structural inadequacies of the Pavilion caused the floating mass to collapse as it hit its final destination. Luckily the Croatian team have not been dulled by the experience and are looking to return to the Biennale as soon as possible - hopefully with a more structurally sound design! Thanks Rita...

Sian Disson
News Editor

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