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09 Sep 2010

RACO gives hope to ill children in Mexico with new series of hospital buildings

Design firm RACO have released renderings of a new children’s hospital in Guadalajara, Mexico, estimated for completion in January 2012. The concept integrates a wide perspective of treatments in their own exclusive buildings, linked by a simple green network of gardens and pathways.

The first stage of construction will focus on a central main building which will be dedicated to Paediatric Oncology and will initially house elements of therapy, Accident and Emergency, laboratories (such as cytogenetic and general investigation labs) and the Blood Bank. This 7,500 sq m building will spread over two floors – the first acting as the general hospital, the second as a base for administrative services and investigation.

Over time, additional buildings will be constructed onsite, including centres for handicapped children and those suffering from burns, temporary shelter facilities and a base for prosthetic technologies. Each building will constitute a core of three levels with an area of 3,200 sq m.

Commenting on their segmented design for the Great Hope Children’s Healthcare Complex, RACO explains: “The initial dynamic of creating distinct geometries for each Healthcare building emerges through the dialogue of the volume on each architectural programme that relates and integrates the whole as a sum of related segments that influence each other in a common form.”

Sian Disson
News Editor

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