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Thursday 02 Sep 2010

Plans for new development aims to preserve ecologically sensitive site whilst providing tourism facilites

The Wuyuan Moon Bay competition focused on creating a series of strategies, as well as a comprehensive master plan, for a sustainable tourism resort on an environmentally sensitive and culturally significant site. The site is centred on Moon Bay, a renowned ecological area and home to a large population of the highly endangered Huanghou Laughing Thrushes. It also contains a collection of Wuyuan Hui Pai-style buildings, scattered through three villages, housing a local population that manages farmland across the site.

The recognition, preservation and enhancement of these assets is delivered through the theme of 'reflection', with: the creation of additional environmental areas through the reflection (duplication) of the moon-shaped island; new development reflecting the scale and function of existing buildings; and opportunities for resort guests to reflect, to learn and to interact

The master plan, completed in 2009, proposes 8 boutique-sized resorts, with three of those sensitively integrated into existing village locations. Floor space is mainly contained within the northern part of the site, creating a mixed-use focus for the resorts and maximising the area of the site that is left undeveloped. The resort buildings are located in the valleys on the site, to minimise visual impact and to allow resort guests to engage with the natural environment. Moon Bay – the site’s most sensitive environmental asset – is carefully protected, with stormwater collected and treated before it enters the river, and with limited access to bird nesting areas.

The scale, material and detailing of resort buildings, as well as in the main retail street and commercial area, has been based on comprehensive studies of traditional villages and commercial areas within Wuyuan. New caretaker villages allow current residents to remain on the site, to continue working on areas of retained farmland and to assist with the management of the resorts.

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