One body, two wings

Thursday 02 Sep 2010

Design for a new satellite town in Dalian promotes public transport use as part of an integrated road network

The Xiao Yao Bay CFC was a 2009 international competition for the landscape and urban design of the new satellite CBD of Dalian, northern China. Located within the Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone it is enclosed by a bay to the south, a mountain and tourist resort to the east, and a working shipping port to the west. The project involved the master planning of the proposed CBD including a revised land-use plan, open space network, road and transport system, and built form schematic design.

Responding to the requirement of the brief that the city should have 'one body & two wings', an open space corridor was proposed, connecting the downtown urban area with the two east and west ‘wings’ of Xiao Yao Bay. This corridor included a large sunken plaza with underground connections, and a central transport hub that integrated regional rail, local metro, rapid and local bus routes together in one location. Infrastructure such as land-bridges and covered roadways were proposed across the CBD, overcoming the linear boundaries created by the road network, and also responding to the brief requirement for an integrated road network through the centre of the CBD. These interventions formed part of the overall ethos of the scheme that promoted public transport use over private vehicle dependency.

Xiao Yao Bay was the juncture point between the open space network that brought the city to the water and a canal network that extended the water back into the city. Civic buildings and public amenities including a maritime museum and sculpture park were extended to the waterfront, while canals with mechanically controlled dams to limit tidal flows allowed the integration of a large water-park into the CBD. A ferry network was also proposed across the bay, connecting the CBD with adjacent communities.

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