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Tuesday 31 Aug 2010

Woodhead completes airport designed to invigorate its passengers

Sydney Airport Terminal 1 is designed as public architecture celebrating Sydney, Australia and providing an invigorating environment enhancing the energy of travel. A central aspect of this idea was the application of a traditional piazza model as the main spatial device within 'The Forum' (Departures Lounge). This was explored to inform methods of enclosure, lighting, usage patterns and functional planning.

Accommodating eight million travellers moving through the space annually, the space is enlivening, changing throughout the day and the period of the travellers often multi hour stay. Fundamental to this was the view that the airport typology would stand as a regarded civic facility, acknowledged by the travelling public as more than transport processing.

The Forum is truly a civic space. With the number of travellers, especially in the departures area, an array of human emotions are dealt with. The design intention was to encapsulate these in a ‘Sydney’ way. Natural light is captured in a number of moods by the major skylight over the forum space. The forum is façaded with commercial environments that engage and invigorate the traveller. The Forum presents Sydney as a truly international city.

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