Upwardly mobile

31 Aug 2010

Indio da Costa designs an innovative zero emission transport system for sustainable urban mobility

In 2050, there will be approximately 3 billion cars circulating worldwide, three times more than today. Many existing alternatives to solve this chaotic perspective are difficult to implement in saturated urban areas where streets, roads, bridges, tunnels and infrastructure are already consolidated. That was the project´s challenge.

TEX is an innovative zero emission transport system for sustainable urban mobility. It is a vehicle that glides by electric propulsion along a narrow built- in channel in the asphalt level. To avoid garbage accumulation and allow traffic to circulate over the channel line, its overture is closed as a zipper, after the train passes.

A pantographic structure with only 80 cm wide connects the propulsion system to the passenger cabin, elevating it to a height of approximately 3 metres above grade. Such a device allows the cabin to circulate over the existing traffic on a segregated lane, occupying no more than the width of a motorbike path. For boarding, the cabin returns to the street level position.

A bi-articulated composite could carry 20.000 passengers per hour per direction, with effective energy saving, noise reduction and low impact on the urban landscape.Designed to coexist with streets, roads, bridges and tunnels in large urban centers, it avoids the need for land expropriation and greater public investments.Achieving up to 60km/h, TEX system´s estimated costs for implementation are 10 million U.S. dollars/km - about one tenth of regular subway investments.

For further information on TEX project, there is a video available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyUfwxqKJDk , and a hotsite at http://www.indiodacosta.com/tex/english/videos01.html.

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