Walking on the Milky Way

Tuesday 31 Aug 2010

Karres en Brands and Polyform design new main pedestrian street for Copenhagen... and the galaxy

Karres en Brands and Polyform has won the international competition for the renewal of Købmagergade, Hauser Plads, Kultorvet and Trinitatis Kirkeplads with the project: Fra Kultorvet til Mælkevejen (from the Charcoal Square to the Milky Way). Købmagergade is a main street in the center of Copenhagen with more than 30.000 people passing every day. Kultorvet, Hauser Plads and Trinitatis Kirkeplads are all squares connected to Købmagergade.

The proposal is based on a simple concept which supports both an intense and diverse city life and at the same time links the past with the present. This new design not only shows character and changeability but it also features a whole new way of looking at sustainable city spaces that contain openness to a wide range of uses for many years to come.

By the use of simple elements of design and the use of natural stones in shades of black and white, the design team has created a unique course of streets. The course of streets slowly changes character, from appearing all white and bright they change into black and dark once they become squares at Kultorvet and Trinitatis Kirkeplads. Through special processing of the pavement, the city spaces changes character with changing weather, which means that Købmagergade, Kultorvet and Hauser Plads always offer new sensory and emotional experiences, no matter when you happen to be there.

The preparation of the squares also considers the history and special functions of the given site. On Kultorvet the pavement changes character and is shaped like fractions of coal, in order to show the history of the place, with the trading ‘charcoal burner’ into a modern light. In the future one will also experience the area of Trinitatis Kirkeplads as a very special place, where the history of the observatory in Rundetårn is highlighted by a sparkling city space as if you were a part of the Milky Way. On Hauser Plads, the idea of a green oasis in the middle of a big city is supported by offering the future residents and institutions new hilly, green and playful scenery.

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