WAN celebrates 300th News Review

Tuesday 31 Aug 2010

Today WAN celebrates a very special anniversary – the 300th edition of News Review. Some of you may remember how our beloved e-newsletter looked in the very beginning, nearly five years ago when WAN was first conceived. A riot of tonal blues and greys, the original News Review has since been padded out and toned up into the information hotspot we see today.

As times have changed and the architecture community has grown and evolved, so have we, with full length professional films and iPhone apps taking pride of place in the modernised editions of News Review. Not only a tool to entertain and inform, our beloved e-newsletter has been dotted with exclusive interviews, sneak peeks into the lives of high-profile architects, insider info straight from the editor’s desk and original opinion comments from those in the know.

From Beagle-shaped guesthouses to Architect Barbie, heavyweight boxers to toothpick towers, we’ve travelled all over to bring you the ultimate wacky wonders in our Strange But True series. In contrast, we’ve also covered the biggest news stories to hit the architecture world over the last five years, deposited straight into your mailbox every Tuesday morning.

No other architecture-based, weekly e-newsletter has offered such a comprehensive and up-to-the-minute global information capsule over such a long period of time; however none of this would be possible without the loyalty and enthusiastic support of our readers so for this we thank you.

Is there something you think News Review is missing? Tell us what you want to see at Newsdesk@worldarchitecturenews.com

The WAN team

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