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18 Aug 2010

BIG’s 8 House in Copenhagen wins the 2010 Scandinavian Green Roof Award

Completing its trilogy of housing projects in Oerestad with the same client, BIG + green roof contractor Veg Tech receives the award for 8 House’s 1,700 sq m sloping green roof. The Scandinavian Green Roof Association based in Malmo, Sweden awarded the Best Green Roof in Scandinavia at an award ceremony at the 8 House in Oerestad, Copenhagen.

Since 2000, the association has promoted an increased use of green roofs in Scandinavia and created numerous working examples at its Malmo address. In addition the association and its members educate the positive impact of green roofs on urban ecology, and provide inspiration for legislation and building standards.

The moss‐sedum roof of 8 House covers a long, steep and sloping roof surface descending 11 floors downward to the edge of a canal in Oerestad South opening up the interior courtyard to a view of the protected open spaces of Kalvebod Faelled. The 60,000 sq m mixed‐use development is designed in the form of a figure 8 by manipulating the housing typology most often found in Copenhagen. The massing steps up and down depending on access to daylight and views and is broken into four programmatic bars of retail and housing.

Green spaces upon the roof and within the courtyard are strategically placed to reduce the urban heat island effect as well as providing a visual relief to the inhabitants. The first residents have already moved in while the building will be finally completed by 1st of October 2010. Bjarke Ingels of BIG commented: “The parts of the green roof that remain were seen by the client as integral to the building as they are visible from the ground. These not only provide the environmental benefits that we all know come from green roofs, but also add to the visual drama and appeal of the sloping roofs and rooftop terrace in between.”

8 House credit list
Client: St. Frederikslund Holding
Architect: BIG ‐ Bjarke Ingels Group
Green Roof Contractor: Veg Tech A/S
Collaborators: Hoepfner Partners, Moe & Brodsgaard, KLAR

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