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Wednesday 18 Aug 2010

King Shih Architects release images of their work for 2010 Taipei International Floral Expo

This November, Taipei City Government will host the 2010 Taipei International Floral Expo – a horticultural event authorised by AIPH. Sprawling over four site areas – Fine Arts Park, Yuanshan Park, Dajia Riverside Park and Xinsheng Park – the Expo offers an array of floral delights, featuring numerous exhibition lots with flower shows from around the world.

King Shih Architects were entrusted with designing structural and landscape elements and for the Fine Arts Museum Park. A 7hectare site, the space takes its name from the adjacent Taipei Fine Arts Museum and under the title ‘Global Garden Area’ will accommodate three pavilion buildings displaying 35 dramatic exhibition lots.

During the design process, KSA took inspiration from elements of Taiwanese culture, including a popular local bamboo-weaving pattern composed of triangular and hexagonal shapes and linear colour patterns usually found on the knitted fabrics of Taiwan’s indigenous people.

The Expo Hall is a web of uniform depth composed of several layers: the span of the primary arch member varies from 35-65m whilst the diagonal span of the secondary net member provides a cocoon-like shape that reduces 15% unit steel weight compared to a truss structure. Patterns of triangles and hexagons are further accentuated by two tones of polycarbonate panels. Seating capacity is 1,200 and chairs are arranged in a concentric layout in an effort to provide the shortest and most even sightlines.

In order to retain as many unobstructed viewpoints as possible, building height has been kept to a minimum. The Gift Shop Pavilion is composed of six flower-shaped units with three one-storey and three two-storey units and no peripheral columns. Each unit is cantilevered and composed of triangular and hexagonal shapes with a single central column shaft, whilst open weaved bamboo screening provides the only formal boundary.

Free seating is available for all visitors on an area of existing terrain overlooking the Park in the form of a folded-plate reinforced concrete structure – the Outlook Pavilion. The interior ceiling is covered with mosaic tiles in a range of linear patters whilst the exterior walls are coated with concrete finish, imprinted with pine grains from formwork panels.

The 2010 Taipei International Floral Expo runs from 6th November 2010 until 25th April 2011. Click here for more details.

Sian Disson
News Editor

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