A perfect symmetry

Tuesday 17 Aug 2010

Samsung concoct a foliage-themed brand experience with intricate mirror display

Eight huge ‘leaves’ form a semi-circle space, embodying the ultra flat, lightweight, brilliance, and eco attributes. The fanned grouping around the entrance area allows the monument form a wide-scale picture, which the visitor first perceives and experiences when entering the trade-fair hall.

Within the huge dome are multimedia displays, where interplay between light, colour and sound attempt to merge reality and illusion. Inside, the monument becomes a moving three-dimensional stage for the Samsung brand; from the outside, it becomes a attraction to be seen from far and wide.

The LED TVs are mounted flat with a slight bulge on the inner sides of the ‘leaves’. The leaves themselves don’t taper but are cut off by a mirrored ceiling mounted flat on top of them. A glass floor with light effects forms the counter-element. The vertical end of the semi-circle is formed by a wall, also completely mirrored, in which the entrances are set.

The double mirroring by 180 degrees doubles the room in depth and height and pulls it optically upwards, thus creating the effect of a huge dome with brilliantly colorful, moving ‘windows’. The changing lights and colors of the media displays attempt to reflect the attributes ‘colour brilliance’ and ‘motion sharpness’ in a 360 degree spatial brand experience.

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