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Monday 26 Jul 2010

How architecture can help save the rainforest

The UK’s leading architectural charity, Article 25, is using the skills of architects and engineers to help protect the 75,000ha Gola Rainforest in Sierra Leone. The reserve has been set up as part of the peace process in the region and Article 25 have designed a world-class park headquarters, which will provide the facilities for staff to manage the reserve, as well as a sustainable staff village and a child-friendly school design.

These buildings are vital in helping to protect the rainforest and promoting livelihood development for 100,000 people. This project will help the Gola Forest Programme to make a lasting positive change in Sierra Leone. This is a project where architects and engineers can make a real difference. Project architect, Catriona Forbes, will be training local people in construction methods and overseeing the construction process on site.

The innovative design is developed in response to the climatic conditions and a necessity to be self-sufficient. The design is carefully considered using local materials and involving local people in the design and construction process at all times. This improves the ability of local people to build for themselves in future projects. For more information about this project please click here.

For this project to succeed Catriona and Article 25 need your votes.Catriona Forbes is shortlisted for the Vodafone World of Difference fund, which would pay for her to manage the construction of the headquarters and staff village. She has until midday on Wednesday 28th July to gain the most votes through a Facebook poll to win this grant, and you can help her to win.

Please click here and vote for Catriona Forbes.

Your vote could make this project happen. The architectural skills, essential for ensuring the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of this project, depend on Catriona’s input so please vote for her today!

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