What's old is new again

Adam Pope
Friday 16 Jul 2010

CPA breathes new life into an Urban Regeneration Precinct for Watpac's new HQ

Waterloo Junction Stage 1 provides a dramatic entrance to the commercial and social hub that is Fortitude Valley. Located on the prominent corner of Commercial Road and Ann Street, the design of the new 6-storey commercial building is concentrated on modernity whilst retaining the classic design elements of the refurbished art deco Waterloo Hotel.

Cottee Parker Architects achieved this through the subtle inclusion of ceramic tile motifs and an interpretation of the original hotel’s window etchings that animates the new building’s facade. This design paradigm provides a contemporary backdrop to the historical context of the site. The fusion of the commercial and social uses of the location has been achieved by the framing the commercial foyer with lively dining and retail tenancies. The relaxed vibe is amplified through the planting of shade trees and the establishment of a living arbour walkway.

Sanctuary from the noise and excitement of the social activities is achieved as workers enter the double height foyer. The floor to ceiling sandstone wall encourages tactile engagement with the space and in doing so humanises the commercial activity. The animation of the façade is achieved through a mosaic created by the mixing of the opaque with the transparent and the light with the dark. This spectrum of textures creates the illusion of movement as the light changes with the clock.

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