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Tuesday 13 Jul 2010

HLN Cardiff associate crowned Unlicensed Boxing British Heavyweight Champion

Last week’s Strange But True feature caused something of a stir amongst our readers after stating that architects have been voted the sexiest professionals in a series of recent polls. Following this, it has come to light that an associate at Cardiff-based firm HLN has recently been crowned the Unlicensed Boxing British Heavyweight Champion, proving that it’s not just brains that architecture professionals have in spades, but also brawn.

46-year-old Stephen Franks claimed his title after knocking out fellow competitor 31-year-old Mark Smith during the second round at a match in Weston-Super-Mare several weeks ago. Cardiff born and bred, the proud Welshman started boxing at the age of six along with most of the kids in his area, however it appears that he is one of only a few that carried the hobby on into adulthood. These days, boxing forms an integral part of daily life for Franks, as he explains: “I work hard during the day and attempt to get everything sorted by 5 o’clock to allow me to do my two hour training session – if you’re not fit that’s when you get hurt.”

It seems that a passion for boxing has also paid dividends at work, as the champion relates: “here at HLN (who are a fantastic company to work for) we do various schemes but I’m mainly involved with the Tesco account. My sport has definitely helped with my job because I would never let anyone in the team down.” Maybe it’s this passionate dedication that has so affiliated Franks with his colleagues, as he notes how proud they are of his recent sporting achievements, but he admits ‘they think I’m mad as it is, never mind taking more punches!’

Sian Disson
News Editor

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