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Thursday 08 Jul 2010

Aedas designs new multi-use public facility in Singapore

The civic and public components of the Civic, Cultural & Retail Center where paramount andoutwardly expressed. The south elevation is completely opened up presenting the innerworkings of the facility as a 'visible section'. The mass of the theatre floating above is faceted,cut with glass and utilises titanium cladding. All of this helps dissolve and break down themass, playing with a composition of positive and negative readings.

The civic building is intended to be an organic object which is open to public discovery. Onecan crawl under, move through, transverse around and climb onto the complex through aseries of ramps, escalators, terraces and public gardens. All circulation, movement andinternal forms are soft and sinuous as if the civic activities have polished the inside of theurbanely presented strong faceted exterior.Soft transition occurs vertically from the most public of the open retail into the perceptualprivacy of the theatre. This entire sequence and transition is linked visually and spatially tothe 'Grand Foyer' connecting the sunken retail below up through the glass floor of thetheatre’s main lobby exposing its volume floating above.

The design is highly sustainable through its approach to minimise air conditioned spaces.The retail, civic square, outdoor theatre as well as foyer and the pre-function facilities are allopen air.The design has opened up all elevations to encourage air movement through the volume.The design explores how the heated surfaces on the southern elevation and roof can inducewind flow from the shaded, Northern face through covered outdoor spaces. This airmovement can be mechanically assisted if necessary. Glazing on the southern is minimisedand protected by sunshading. The majority of main lobby glass is facing East but alsoprotected with an external bridge acting as a large sun shade.

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