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Monday 05 Jul 2010

Architects voted sexiest professionals

There is nothing more attractive to a woman than a man that knows his architecture...or at least that’s what recent research has shown. Originally surfacing in 2005, a survey conducted by online dating gurus ‘Drawing Down the Moon’ has shown that architects top the poll for the professionals that we find sexiest, beating doctors, teachers and fire-fighters to the punch. The findings showed that: “Architects are seen as being ‘balanced and rounded individuals who combine a creative approach with a caring, thoughtful disposition’ [whilst] ‘their ability to cope with pressure of work in a relaxed manner was also deemed to be a significant plus.’”

This enlightening survey may have originated several years ago, but the results are showing no signs of change. Social networking site Facebook features several groups on the issue, including ‘ARCHITECTS ARE SEXY’ and ‘Architect is the sexiest profession’ which have 38,237 and 462 members respectively. So what is it exactly that we find so alluring about architects? Well dating site PARSHIP conducted a similar survey earlier this year, which found that one third of British women ‘liked the prospect of a man with creative flair, such as an artist, writer, musician or architect’. Dr Victoria Lukats, psychiatrist and PARSHIP’s dating expert, explains: “Architects are perceived as contributing positively to society, being intelligent, educated, and above all as having a sense of style.”

Esteemed author Charles Bancroft’s novel The Architect captures this lustful attitude towards the architecture profession to a tee. In his text we are told: “the gulf between his own profession, engineering, and Rob’s, architecture, were cast into stark relief... Alfred knew that people generally loved architects and willingly forgave them any shortcomings, happily accepting their flaws as part of the creative package.”

Whilst physical beauties such as Cheryl Cole and Robert Pattinson may dominate the celebrity circuit, architects are being favoured in a professional environment for their perfect blend of beauty, brains and creative flair. Long may it continue!

Is there an architect that floats your boat and gets you all hot and bothered? If so we’d like to know about it. Send your nominations for WAN's Sexiest Architects to with the name of your crush and a high resolution photo so that we can post them up on the site and share their beauty with the rest of the world!

Sian Disson
News Editor

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