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Thursday 01 Jul 2010

Time is running out to vote for the next big thing in the Grant for Change programme

Time is rapidly running out to vote for your favourite entry in the Grant for Change competition, run by sustainable clothing company, Nau. The second annual $10,000 Grant for Change programme is now in full swing, as the search continues for the next big thing in the design world. Six weeks ago we published a short news article outlining the competition and as the end of the voting period looms ever closer – 6th July for those of you who want to get involved – it is time for a quick run-through of some of the architecturally inclined nominees.

First up is Public Architecture, a forward-thinking organisation that relies on the generosity of foundation, corporation, and individual grants and donations to allow them to continue their ‘leadership role’ in seeking out architectural problems that need solving. The organisation facilitates public interest design initiatives, bringing quality design to underserved communities. Public Architecture recently constructed a single-family residence using only scrap materials in an effort to promote the use of recycling in the architecture and construction industries.

Also depending on the goodwill of others is Engineering Ministries International Canada, which encourages architects, engineers and design professionals to volunteer their services in an effort to drastically improve the lives of those in developing countries. The non-profit Christian development organisation has worked on more than 700 projects in 80 countries since it originated in 1981, donating over $5.4m and 56,000 hours in services to those in need. eMiC explain that the facilities they have built, including orphanages, clean water projects, medical centres and more, ‘directly impact communities by meeting physical needs and communicating God’s love in a practical way’.

Emergent Structures is on a mission to transform ‘the material substance of a significant waste stream into a stream of economic and cultural wealth for the broader community’. The premise for this entry is a large-scale sustainability project, during which an array of artists, architects, designers and other creative professionals will salvage what used materials they can and create original structural works of art to inspire others to recycle and reinvent.

An eco-friendly approach is also paramount for Historic Green – a volunteer organisation which focuses on the preservation of historic sites and the provision of green reconstruction and efficiency improvement services to historic neighbourhoods. They rely on the brains and brawn of design professionals to blend the past, present and future of architecture together through the implementation of sustainable design.

There are 124 deserving organisations and projects nominated for the Grant for Change programme. To cast your vote before July 6th by click here.

Sian Disson
News Editor

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