Twist and shout

Tuesday 29 Jun 2010

OBRA's conceptual house design attempts to channel the kinetic panorama of NYC

To the south the building presents to the street a public space that could be occupied by a community use or a business (Steinway piano store shown). This space is developed as a semi-detached structure that breaks down the scale of the tower, mediating to the human-scale experience of pedestrians on the street.

The roof of the piano store/community space is developed as a mound playground for the children in the building. The entry to the building is topped by a cubical structure containing a coop board meeting room and symbolically representing a gatehouse. The architect commented on this choice of form, stating that: “in New York coop boards are notorious for keeping worthy people in need of housing out of the buildings they oversee unless they are employed by a Wall Street investment bank.”

To the north, the tower presides over the train tracks, and all apartments are exposed to the kinetic panorama of high-speed trains running in and out of the building's base. The building's form twists towards the sky as if resonating with railroad vertigo.

Key Facts:

United States
Residential Civic Buildings

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