Reinterpreting the townhouse

K2LD Architects
Friday 25 Jun 2010

K2LD help nostalgic New Yorkers add a little Big Apple magic to their Singapore home

Located on the edge of bustling downtown, this house embodies the townhouse typology that originates from Singapore’s colonial past where urban vertical living was introduced in narrow plots of land in the downtown areas. Townhouse typology provides a solution to the disruptive experience caused by clutters of stationary vehicles parked between the buildings and the street by allowing for a drive-in garage at ground level.

The living room is elevated to second floor, enabling the living spaces to be viewed through the façade. This strategy not only satisfies the need for privacy in living area, but also adds character to the streetscape. Being long-time dwellers of New York City, the clients often talked about their previous home in New York. The exterior façade, clad in aged red bricks, immediately recalls the townhouse style adopted in the Big Apple.

The style is striking and immediately stands out in Singapore, where the trend leans towards white and glass boxes. The use of symmetrical orders, along with a re-interpretation of the classical elements by using modern material accentuates and defines the property.

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