Urban infill

Arnoldo Rabago
29 May 2010

Office, residential and hotel facilities combined in one multi-purpose complex

In Guadalajara, Mexico, RACO Design has integrated three major architectural program areas - hotel, residential and commercial - into one design concept. The project is an urban infill and attachment that expands the boardwalk into a shopping mall that surrounds the main pedestrian attraction, the casino. As a continuation of this pedestrian influence to the site, two towers rise, one exposed to the main avenue. The 34 ft hotel and residence facility also features a club and skybar on the top floor. The second tower houses the office space in a distant exposure that integrates seven levels of offices, convention and expo facilities.

The main hierarchies of access and specific function of use induce the program mass to retract and concede space to the board walk as it influences continuation of the urban people flow onto an increased site perimeter. In continuation of this influence, the geometry projects to its altitude traces of this influence that incorporate the resulting location of the program on to strategic access and exposure reviewed locations. It does so using and negotiating through a series of strips or bands that three-dimensionally bind and communicate the highest volumes of the complex via intermediate vestibular and circulation areas, and then proceed to integrate and anchor those volumes onto a continuation of internal commercial strip.

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