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Friday 07 May 2010

Medical centre in Dubai shopping mall provides a unique aesthetic experience on all fronts

Located in The Dubai Mall, The Dubai Mall Medical Centre (TDMMC) is the largest patient-centered, premium outpatient healthcare provider in the Middle East. TDMMC offers a complete range of medical specialties, healthcare services, and is supported by the highest level of international clinical standards.

Dedicated concierges greet patients upon arrival and address any immediate needs. The patient relations coordinator assists visitors with registration and admissions, and then to the dedicated individual waiting areas. Upon departure, the escorted process ensures convenience and accurate information recording.

TDMMC’s architectural interiors are designed as a complete sensorial experience that appeals to all five senses:

  • Sight: Characterised by an ethereal field of draperies hanging ceiling to floor, the draperies provide different privacy levels to individual waiting areas, perform as display screens, each containing animated scenes enacted by guests and staff, and illuminate as monumental light fixtures.
  • Sound: An ambient sound system provides music throughout the main waiting areas to entertain and create acoustical privacy. In addition, each of the examination rooms implemented power and audio visual infrastructure for future monitor displays.
  • Touch: The palette of finish materials is predominantly composed of a limited range of neutral colours. The colours were derived from an abstract process of pixelation applied to photos of Dubai and local coastal neighbourhoods.
  • Taste: The Water Bar Café serves guests a variety of water options from many origins, along with salads, sandwiches and regionally-inspired beverages such as tea infusions and coffee.
  • Smell: A custom scent is infused through the air distribution system to enhance the unique ambience of the main waiting area.

Corridors use dim ambient lighting levels and refined materials. Examination rooms are finished with the same materials found in waiting areas and corridors, extending the ambience throughout the entire facility.

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