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Tuesday 13 Apr 2010

German designer achieves third World Record after building a flat out of beer mats

Sven Goebel was recently awarded a third Guinness World Record for his unusual architectural talents after building a five-room apartment from over a quarter of a million beer mats. 21 year old Goebel has spent the last four months building the structure, working 6-8 hours a day, 7 days a week. The beer mats used were no different to those found in your local pub, at 4in x 4in and of average thickness, emblazoned with the logo ‘Gaffel Kölsch’.

Not only was Goebel’s project constructed with five separate rooms, but it contained multiple interior design features, including an armchair, table and chairs and a fireplace. Ironically, despite the countless hours that the designer devoted to the production of the sculpture, in order to be awarded the record, Goebel had to completely destroy the flat to prove that it was held together by static and ingenious design alone and that no additional holding agents had been used.

As you can see from the images to the left, Goebel's Beer Mat Flat was not created on a whim. Despite his clear natural talents and skill, this project demanded extensive planning, including computer generated imagery of the flat and interior design features before 'building' could commence. This certification will be added to Goebel’s growing pile, along with his two previous Guinness World Records involving the construction of architecture using beer mats, coasters and playing cards.

Sian Disson
Editorial Assistant

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