Recombinant House

Sharon McHugh
Friday 09 Apr 2010

Riddel Architecture completes self-sufficient ecohouse

Like magic, Riddle Architecture has built a new modern eco-house in Queensland almost entirely from the 19th century house it replaced. The only waste that resulted was two small skips of non-reusable materials, representing 5% of the original structure.

Situated in Hill End, Inner Brisbane, the three-storey house relates to the subtropical Australian climate with openings maximised to capture cool breezes, sun and daylight. The house is in two halves, connected by the striking gallery breezeway, which acts as a funnel for fresh air. Large windows throughout provide views of the surrounding river landscape whilst reducing the need for artificial light.

The house is fully self-sufficient in both water and power heating is provided naturally to the well-insulated house by solar gain captured in concrete floors. A simple gas fire provides winter heating to the southern living spaces, where solar heating is not possible. 60,000 liters of rainwater storage supplies the entire house and garden. Exterior awnings and window treatments modulate light and heat from the sun.

The building is sited within a lush landscape with many spaces opening onto terraces and balconies.

Sharon McHugh
US Correspondent

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