Going green at an Austrian orchard

Friday 26 Mar 2010

Modern fruit production facility built with recycled tire tubes, adverts and concrete

Far from the typical barns dotting orchards fields is this new fruit production facility with a shop for the Leeb Fruit Orchard in Austria.Designed by ARCHITECTS Collective of Vienna for clients Vera and Albert Leeb, this innovative 3,500 sq. m. orchard facility in St. Andrä am Zicksee, located in the lowland plains of Burgenland.The €450,000, prefabricated production facility consists of a large main shed with cold storage and a fruit shop with adjoining spaces. The main shed consists of a wooden frame construction with prefabricated insulated wooden box frames and is not heated. The exterior is made of OSB panels and varnished in shades of brown and green. Two 5 m x 6 m sliding doors transform the building from a closed wooden box into a complex architectural composition revealing views into the building and the shop. The architects aimed to capture the client’s idea to to have a space that looked like a market stall.

And it’s not just the orchard that is green. With the enthusiastic support of the Leebs, the design included many sustainable elements. The structure was primarily constructed using renewable and recycled materials as well as upcycling products for the furniture. The fruit shop is oriented to the main street with a continuous panorama window with triple-panel glass facing southwest. It is shaded by several large folding aluminium frames that are covered with recycled advertising banners, protecting the interior from overheating in summer.

Everyday materials were also recycled for the interiors and other outdoor areas. Old bicycle inner tubes were converted to spherical ceiling lights, used laminated wood panels were converted into shelves and cupboards and the sales desk was covered with used printer plates. Recycled concrete vineyard posts were used to pave the parking lot and other outdoor areas. The rainwater of the roof is caught in two evaporation basins that are incorporated into the surrounding landscape.

The design team also included: architectural planning (planning services); Subau Baugesellschaft (contractor); Weissenseer Holz-System-Bau (carpenters); SK Stahlbau (steel contractor); Gabarge Upcycling Design (furniture).

Jennifer Potash
News Editor

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