Monday 08 Mar 2010

iGuzzini Archilede 'ticks every box' for WAN Product Awards jury

The WAN Product Awards was established in conjunction with Arup to identify and celebrate innovative building products from around the world and raise their awareness in the global architectural community. The inaugural judging session saw an impressive line-up of jurors matching the wide array of innovative products sourced from around the world.

The high profile WAN panel was drawn from a cross section of firms that either specify, purchase or are otherwise involved in the product procurement process.

Matt Cooper (MC) – Arup (Chartered Manager)
Steve Moschini (SM) – Stanhope plc (Director of property developer)
Jason Flanagan (JF) – Hamiltons (Director)
Tim Pettigrew (TP) – Swanke Hayden Connell Architects (Architect - Materials & Innovation)
Nigel Fraser – BAA (Product & Technical Strategy Manager) remote juror
Michael Hammond - Editor in Chief at WAN

They are proud to announce the winner of the inaugural WAN Product Awards to be iGuzzini Archilede lighting solution.

iGuzzini Archilede
The verdict on this product was unanimous. Matt Cooper immediately came out with strong support, “They (iGuzzini) talk about co2 saving as well, now for local authorities and government mandates for carbon reductions…that’s got some interesting potential, very scalable. That’s a big impact and if you advertise that across a significant volume, which you would do, this starts to become really quite competitive. It’s cutting down on energy requirements, and we’ve got big energy issues… It wins on all accounts: safety, carbon reduction, energy, ticks every boxTim Pettigrew thought the lighting on the road was more consistent than current standards and was “significantly different.” The panel also thought the product would be higher in terms of safety.Tim Pettigrew added, “If you just look at the numbers of the UK & suddenly there’s our carbon targets hit.”

RoscoLab Ltd Light pad
Tim Pettigrew said, “the hardest thing with light is to get the consistency, which this product seems to have achieved. It also has a pretty decent panel size and should very much be of an interest to interior designers.” Jason Flanagan added, “Its very nice, it’s something we’ve been looking for a long time, energy efficient, good colour, rendering external lighting. Also, the lack of heat is good, keeping the exterior cooler.”

Boom Edam NRG + Tourniket Revolving Door
Matt Cooper, “Human powered energy. If you are dependent on foot fall, you can generate a reasonable amount of power. There’s nothing unique in the fact that revolving doors saving energy on buildings, but if it is feeding back into it, I think it is a neat idea.” Jason Flanagan was also impressed, “I’m going to go back and see of we can get one of those.”

Big Ass Fans Element
Steve Moschini “It does work for public spaces, movement of air rather than air conditioning. If the temperature levels are correct, it’s a more comfortable way of dealing with it than air con. It is just a big fan, but it’s a simple solution and a product that reduces energy. We haven’t considered it in the past, but I’m sure it is the sort of thing we would for public spaces…I don’t think that’s out of place in a public space.” Matt went on to say that he would consider the fan for public space in one of his buildings.

Monodraught Ltd Cool Phase
“This is an excellent example of evolving a product to the next stage. In this case the removal of harmful refrigerants and the utilisation of an organic paraffin wax. As with the winner, this product is very on-message,” Michael Hammond. Tim Pettigrew and Jason Flanagan both thought the product was, “Very clever,” and “Very interesting.”

Stack! Studios Srl Felix
This product allows architects to access the “Cloud” through a third party gateway to utilise huge processing power, ideal for fast rendering. Michael Hammond, “I have reported on this exciting technology for WAN and its possible application for architecture. This is one of the first offerings of a “packaged” product that will enable a quantum leap for the production of 3D imagery. Tim Pettigrew was also impressed and immediately saw an application for his own practice, “That to me sounds pretty impressive, the biggest expense we have is computer power, whereas if you can plug straight into the Cloud…it would be very useful and appealing to lots of architects. I haven’t come across it before.” Later he added, “Reading through it again, I will probably go back and talk to my IT dept. about it.”

Milgard Windows & Doors SmartTouch Lock

Dyson Airblade hand dryer

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