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Thursday 04 Mar 2010

QSPT's Incubator Centre gives physcial and psychological connection between education and industry

The QSTP is a key initiative of the Qatar Foundation in its drive to diversify the economy, create highly skilled jobs and to establish Qatar as a knowledge economy in the Middle East. Qatar is championing industry-based research and development, and is investing deeply in education and science. In the QSTP, Qatar is building a world-class environment for companies to develop their technology in Qatar, including a business incubator to help technology start-ups.

Key to this intent is the ability for this facility to attract international blue chip companies to share in the vision. QSTP had to offer a science park with a real point of difference; one that has embodied flexibility that could respond to a wide range of companies and functions. Spaces need to be adaptable to accommodate showrooms, offices, and wet or dry laboratories, without affecting other tenants in the process.The QSTP masterplan encompasses 123ha of land which is integrated with the facilities of the Qatar Foundation, its new teaching hospital and the new convention centre. Phase one construction comprises 115,000 sq m of development. At its heart is the 12,000 sq m Incubator Centre, incorporating the administrative hub and business centre. This building is flanked by the first tow tenant laboratory Information Transfer Centre buildings, each 20,000 sq m.

QSTP is located adjacent to Qatar’s Education City, which is a campus that has attracted some of the world’s leading universities to bring knowledge and research to the Middle East region. The potential link between education based research and applied research in industry was the primary driver for basis of the masterplan for QSTP. The heart of the first phase of QSTP, the Incubator Centre was aligned with the main circulation axis masterplanned at Education City to give a physical and psychological connection between education and industry.

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